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Wales to launch
Hospital Gift Card

Jon Trigwell, Head of Partnership Funding at Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust has confirmed...

Prime Minister Gordon Brown
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Following enquiries made by Gordon Brown about the Hospital Gift Card...

Prince of Wales sends his best wishes

Prince Charles has been informed about the Hospital Gift Card scheme...
  Facts & Figures

Would you like to know how a card as simple as the Hospital Gift card can raise extra funds for your NHS trust?

Here at Gifting Solutions we have come up with an equation that shows the potential of the Hospital Gift Card for your NHS Trust.

We will have at least 16,000,000 cards being sent out, if only 0.5% of the cards are used Businesses will be working on this equation:

The Equation

This equation results in 104,000,000 generated for this (one) company.

Business will then give 1% to their closest NHS Hospital Trust. (Although each company will discuss the donation given to the trust, a gross figure of 1% has been used as a guide.)

So, using this equation, with these numbers, for this company, the NHS Trusts will receive

104,000,000 x 1% = 1,040,000

Gifting Solutions are looking to have at least fifteen businesses, in twelve different sectors involved within the scheme.

1,040,000 x 15 = 15,600,000

NB: Please take note that we have only worked on a 0.5% take up. If as expected we have the national average of 5% take up, you would then multiply the final sum by ten.

15,600,000 x 10 = 156,000,000

What will the Hospitals Receive?

  • Regular income donated directly into the NHS Trust bank account via HSBC Bank Trust account, which will be fully audited.
  • Own unique Barcode for every NHS Trust Hospital. To ensure donations go direct to them.
  • As well as in - hospital promotions, Gifting Solutions will carry out the administration and implementation of the Hospital Gift Card scheme.
  • 5,000,000 Hospital Gift Cards (free for friends and family). Along with branded boxes in which they will be placed.
  • An additional 3,100,000 dual branded Patientline and Hospital Gift Cards, throughout the hospital network.
  • Advertising and marketing material to be made available.
  • Our new Hospital Gift TV channel to be shown on the Patientline Communication Network.