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Wales to launch
Hospital Gift Card

Jon Trigwell, Head of Partnership Funding at Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust has confirmed...

Prime Minister Gordon Brown
shows interest

Following enquiries made by Gordon Brown about the Hospital Gift Card...

Prince of Wales sends his best wishes

Prince Charles has been informed about the Hospital Gift Card scheme...
  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hospital Gift card and how does it work?

The Hospital Gift card is the ultimate loyalty card Ė instead of saving points, it saves lives. Every time this free card is used, it generates income for your local NHS Trust.

Why would the public want to use the Hospital Gift card?

All of us will end up in hospital, on average, four times in our lives. The NHS is indeed one of the great corner stones of our society and every one of us, as tax payers, deserves the best treatment possible. But in our modern world itís difficult for any Government to provide all the funding thatís needed. Thatís why the Hospital Gift Card is a revolutionary concept. At no cost to hospitals or you the public, just use the card and millions of pounds will go to the NHS and most importantly Ė to your LOCAL hospital.

How do we know that the money raised will go to our local NHS hospitals?

Each NHS Trust will have its own unique barcode on the card. Every time itís used anywhere in the country, a percentage of the money spent will go to the Trust closest to where the card was issued. Ė so in other words, to your LOCAL hospital.

Does Gifting Solutions take any money out?

Certainly not ! Every penny generated by using the card goes to the appropriate Hospital Trust on the barcode.

How much money will it raise for NHS hospitals?

We anticipate that millions of pounds will be generated. But the actual amount depends on YOU the Public using your card at participating stores whenever you can.

Where will we be able to get hold of the cards?

Every NHS Hospital, Doctors Surgery, participating companies and stores. Other methods are also being considered.

Will the money generated by the card be spent on patient care?

It is up to each Hospital Trust how they spend the money generated by the 'Hospital Gift Card'. We have asked every Trust to spend that funding on patient care.

Why should I choose an Hospital Gift Card instead of other loyalty cards?

Because itís of direct benefit to you , your family, your friends, indeed your entire community.

Will you capture any data which could be used by someone else?

No PERSONAL data is captured whatsoever - only the nature of any transaction involving the card and the amount of money to be donated to your local hospital.

When will the Hospital Gift Card be introduced?

It will be launched in Wales in early 2008.