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Wales to launch
Hospital Gift Card

Jon Trigwell, Head of Partnership Funding at Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust has confirmed...

Prime Minister Gordon Brown
shows interest

Following enquiries made by Gordon Brown about the Hospital Gift Card...

Prince of Wales sends his best wishes

Prince Charles has been informed about the Hospital Gift Card scheme...

Prime Minister Gordon Brown shows interest in Hospital Gift Card

Following enquiries made by Gordon Brown about the Hospital Gift Card, the Department of Health have clarified their posistion.

In her reply to the former Chancellor the Rt. Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, then Secretary of State for Health said: "If local NHS organisations want to become involved in the scheme in partnership with companies, we would not stand in their way."

Gifting Solutions believes our scheme is a socially responsible way for the private sector to help the public sector which doesn't compromise the principles on which the NHS is founded.

By not standing in the way of individual NHS organisations becoming involved, the DoH has, effectively, given the green light for the Hospital Gift scheme to motor ahead.

Patientline sign up to the Hospital Gift Card Scheme

Patientline have become a major supporter of the 'Hospital Gift Card', by making the reverse of all their TV/Phone Cards in hospitals a 'Hospital Gift Card'. When patients leave hospital they can continue to use the card in supporting retailers, giving money directly back to their hospital trust.

Gifting Solutions and supporting companies will be promoted to the public by means of every TV in every hospital in which 'Patientlineš operates. There will also be a dedicated website with links to participators sites, branded in-store/in-hospital marketing and other promotional ventures to ensure maximum coverage.

Jerome Muscat from 'Patientline' explained "We are delighted to be working with Gifting Solutions on this scheme and we are 100% committed to making this a success."

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